About Us

Olamati started by Christina in 2016 as a sideline business, with her passion being in Marketing and Sales. Christina studied BCom Marketing and furthered her studies with Honours in Marketing. During her years, she has had extensive Marketing and sales experience at the well known companies Swatch, Clarins, LÓreal, Avon and Matsimela. Along the way, she has also owned and taught at a Moms and Tots. Christina has always shown a passion towards art and painting, and has also created unique paintings of her own. Christina has been married for 13 years and has a family of 2 kids.
Her passion has grown from Marketing to sales and now she designs her own products with each product having its own special and unique touch.
The name Olamati was derived by Christina wanting to create a brand comprising of "all" mati (evil eye) products and so she came up with the name "Olamati". The main line of products at the very start were the imported mati soaps.  Over the years it has grown from strength to strength and today we offer home decor gifting items as well as custom-made gift favors.
We understand that each event and home is unique and we strive to keep our customers "stress free" and happy.
Our products are handmade using only superior quality materials, from trimmings to mati’s, threads & finishes.  Our materials and packaging are sourced locally, from Greece, Cyprus and Canada, with the final product being carefully labelled in-house.
We are a small business which aims to provide unique and beautifully custom-made pieces for your home or event.