Worry beads or komboloi, komboloi (Greek: κομπολόι, κομπολόγια) is a string of beads manipulated with one or two hands and used to pass time in Greek and Cypriot culture

Komboloi worry beads are a Greek fidget toy, used to relieve stress and generally pass the time. Making your own set for fun or stress relief can be done with just a few inexpensive supplies.

Just handling them and rolling the beads through your fingers can help especially if you are feeling nervous or anxious. 

The beads feel nice and make a pleasant clicking sound as the hit each other. 

We have described 2 different ways on how to use your worry beads below though there are many others: 

1. The Counting Method

I call this the counting method as you move through each bead you can count them.

Hold your worry beads so they are lying between your thumb and index finger.

The shield bead should be in your palm and the other beads lying across the back of your fingers.

2. The Swinging Method

Hold the beads between your index and middle finger.

Separate the beads into two groups so half of them hang in front of your fingers and the other half behind. 

Use your thumb to bring up one bead over the side of your hand and slide it down to hit the shield bead.

Repeat the action with all the other beads until they are all in the palm of your hand.

Swing the beads that are behind your fingers up and over your index finger until they hit the beads in your palm.

They will make a nice clicking noise as the beads hit each other. Just keep swinging the beads back and forth.